Techniques in Coloproctology Volume 27, issue 12, December 2023 / Техники в колопроктологии, том 27, Декабрь 2023


Название Статус Активность Готово
Distalization of perianal fistulas after loose silicone seton drainage is a mythпереводится4 мес.100% (17 / 17)читать
Clinical management of high-output stoma: a systematic literature review and meta-analysisпереводится4 мес.90.9% (20 / 22)читать
Diagnostic accuracy of magnifying chromoendoscopy in the assessment of tumor invasion depth in early colorectal cancer: a systematic review and meta-analysisпереводится4 мес.55.0% (11 / 20)читать
A systematic review of the impact of postoperative aerobic exercise training in patients undergoing surgery for intra-abdominal cancersпереводится4 мес.26.6% (4 / 15)читать
Long-term oncological outcomes of robotic versus laparoscopic approaches for right colon cancer: a systematic review and meta-analysisпереводится4 мес.38.8% (7 / 18)читать
Non-excisional techniques for the treatment of intergluteal pilonidal sinus disease: a systematic reviewпереводится4 мес.6.6% (1 / 15)читать
Deep remission improves the quality of life of patients with Crohn’s disease and anoperineal fistula treated with darvadstrocel: results of a French pilot studyпереводится4 мес.25.0% (5 / 20)читать
Interobserver agreement on landmark and flexure identification in colon capsule endoscopyпереводится0% (0 / 20)
Impact of chemotherapy on surgical outcomes in ileostomy reversal: a propensity score matching study from a single centreпереводится4 мес.93.7% (15 / 16)читать
Validation of an endoscopic anastomotic grading score as an intraoperative method for assessing stapled rectal anastomosesпереводится4 мес.27.7% (5 / 18)читать
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